March 1, 2014 – Sidewalk Unveiling

24 January 2015

The day was a bit overcast, but the spirits at the Egyptian were high as we waited for the sidewalk unveiling. ETPA Board members Lee Littlefield and Helen Doving were busy selling slippers and certificates to folks who wanted to be among the first to “Walk Like an Egyptian”. ETPA volunteers, Rick Shearer and Janet Horton-Payne were busy selling hoodies, calendars and other Egyptian memorabilia to the crowd. A World photographer caught some of the action on video which can be viewed here. Mayor Crystal Shoji spoke to the crowd before the unveiling. Then the ribbon was officially cut.

02 Lee - Helen 03 Rick - Janet 06 Mayor Shoji

Mayor Shoji lead the crowd across the new sidewalk.

DSCN2541 09 walking 10 walking with Egyptian shoes 11 walking 12 walking like Egyptian 13 walking