Jeremy Conway

Became a Director in October 2016

Term expires Dec. 31, 2023

Became Treasurer Jan. 2018.  Term expires Dec 31, 2021

Jeremy Conway, born in Coos Bay, studied lighting design and technical theater at Southern Oregon University in Ashland. After graduation he came back to Coos Bay where he began working with the Egyptian Theater. Like many, the Egyptian represents the most formative memories of his theater going experience and he hopes to help preserve that tradition for generations to come.

His experience includes working with community and school theaters as well as time at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where he learned how a small theater, with a strong vision, could grow into a robust local and regional attraction that creates unique cultural opportunities within the community.

Jeremy started working with The Egyptian in January of 2015 with a special concert by a renowned local musician. He immediately recognized the potential of the space in serving the community as more than its traditional role of a movie theater and has worked to improve the current function of the space as a multipurpose entertainment venue. Fascinated by the idea of bringing modern technology seamlessly into a historic space, his goals for the Egyptian include the renovation of the stage house. This will enable us to safely host a wide array of live
performance while protecting the flexible use and historic charm on both sides of the curtain. His current project is putting together a plan to replace the aging fly system so we can once again display the beautiful painted backdrops that are original to the theater.