Future Restoration / Renovation

Future Restoration

By: Greg Rueger, ETPA President (2014)

We seek to raise another $434,500 to perform the following “Phase 3” (after Grand Re-Opening) work:

  1. $12,500 to recoat the front roof and replace the roof drains in front. The City has agreed to provide a matching amount in labor to perform the recoating and install the new drains. The roof over the flyloft and its drainage system have already been replaced as part of “Phase 1”. This project will provide a front roof that should last us 5 to 8 years. After that time, the front roof should be removed and a new industrial grade membrane roof installed.
  2. $20,000 to restore and enhance the Theatre’s lobby and concessions area. Note: a new popcorn machine, costing $6,000, was purchased in “phase 2” prior to the Grand Re-Opening.
  3. $110,000 for conversion to a digital projection system meeting current studio standards (we have a $68,000 quotation to install a digital projection system — not including adding 3D capability but with the option of adding that later), a new screen designed for digital projection and an upgraded sound system. We currently can show movies on our big screen distributed in regular DVD or BluRay format.
  4. $34,000 for remodeling our stage to remove the slope in back and place the stage flooring on a wooden (rather than concrete) base to allow “give” and be suitable for dance performances.
  5. $7,000 to repair and enhance the Wurlitzer organ chambers. Repair chamber floors, walls and plaster ceilings. Renovate all wind lines (replace 88 year old leaky tin wind lines with modern materials). Build protective enclosures to protect the organ pipes. Relocate the blower switch.
  6. $176,000 to replace the theatre’s ancient electrical distribution wiring with new electrical feeder distribution to 42 circuit panel boards to the lobby lights, main auditorium, stage lighting and HVAC system. Note the “Phase 1” project enhanced power input into the theatre and replaced the wiring to the projection booth and the lobby/concessions area (where the new main floor restrooms are located) but left intact the rest of our old wiring.
  7. $75,000 for replacement and enhancement of cove lighting (ceiling) in the main auditorium.


“Phase 4” projects, most of which have not yet been estimated, include:

  1. Refurbish the Women’s mezzanine bathroom using the same space but reconfiguring the stalls. Add a 3rd toilet stall and a second wash sink.
  2. Refurbish the Men’s mezzanine bathroom using the same space but reconfiguring the stalls. Add a second toilet stall, a 3rd urinal, and a second wash sink.
  3. Complete the restoration of the Boyd balcony – add additional seats where they are currently missing and, possibly, re-tier some of the existing seating. Add a work room at the top of the balcony to the left side of the projection booth. Add a room for a small Theatre museum to the right side of the projection booth.
  4. $75,000, before 2020, to fully replace the front roof with an industrial grade membrane roof.
  5. Restore, using restoration specialists, the painted decorations found throughout the main auditorium and the balcony. Restore the Theatre’s ceiling, removing all signs of the mini-theaters that were removed to restore the balcony.
  6. Purchase one of the buildings next door to the Egyptian. Remodel the addition to add larger main floor restrooms that connect to the lobby, add dressing rooms and a green room with an entrance to the stage, and add a conference room, work space and storage space to the Theatre.