David Calvillo

Elected to the Board November 2019
Term ends December 31, 2022

David is a Jack of all trades but specializes in trivia, art, and skateboarding.

He moved to Coos Bay with his wife, Whitney, in 2016, where soon after they took a tour of the Egyptian Theatre. They both started volunteering the next month and are among our most faithful volunteers.  During his first month it became apparent that he was faster at drinking sodas than filling them. However, with some training from Brian (another Board Member),  it became apparent that he had a skill and technique with popcorn that had yet to be seen.  Since then he has gone on to learn lights, how to be a stage hand, use the sound board, set up microphones, use the spot light and even do the register. Although he’s still not allowed to do soda, he will soon be in partial control of the mythical Egyptian Theatre Instagram account.

He loves learning lots of new things, one of which is ASL (American Sign Language), not just to help the theatre but because life needs more people who are always prepared.