1/25/2012 – George Kramer

24 January 2015

George Kramer, an expert in historic preservation, met with members of the Egyptian Theatre Preservation Association and the Egyptian Theatre Restoration Committee to discuss next steps in the Renovation Project. The marquee was mentioned as a possible beginning with suggestions ranging from replacing the current tiles (since there are some damaged and missing) to tearing off the whole thing to see what remains of the original structure underneath. Another suggestion was replacement of the doors which are not in character with the theatre when it was opened. He said prices could vary a great deal depending on the scope of work. His ideas were to give us food for thought as to what is possible.

A market study will also be undertaken shortly to determine what uses are needed and wanted for the theatre. Is the area we draw patrons from large enough to support full scale Broadway productions? Do we want to support that type of endeavor or is the theatre big enough as it is for the type of live performances the community would support? This information will help to develop a plan for what is really needed in the renovation outside of the mandatory structural repairs. Results are expected in the late spring.

See what George said about the Egyptian on his blog.