Board of Directors

Egyptian Theatre Preservation Association

Board of Directors


ETPA Board

Secretary & Director, Chair, Membership & Communications/Publicity Committee
Treasurer & Director, Chair - Finance Committee
Vice President & Director, Chair, Theatre Restoration & Enhancement Committee
President & Director, Chair, Local Fundraising Committee


Board Members

Director, Chair, Wurlizter Pipe Organ Committee
Director and Wurlitzer Organ Specialist


Chief Operating Officer

Kara Long
Executive Director/Theatre Manager

Egyptian Theatre Restoration Steering Committee

ETPA Director, ETPA Representative
Vice-Chair – ETPA President, ETPA Representative
ETPA Vice President, ETPA Representative
Coos Bay Operations Administrator, Egyptian Theatre Project Manager
Coos Bay City Manager, Alternate City Representative


Volunteer Coordinator


Publicity Volunteers

EPUERTO - Website Designer
ETPA Website Manager


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